Maths is also a key focus on our school development plan and we are working really hard to raise standards in this area.

At Potters Gate we believe children learn best by experiencing maths in hands-on practical ways and through real-life problems. Children from the Foundation Stage through to Year 6 have the opportunity to explore numbers, shapes and measures using a range of resources and methods. They are then able to take this knowledge and relate it to the use of the mathematical symbols.  Through this approach children are able to develop and test their own understanding of mathematical concepts. Throughout your child’s time at Potters Gate they will be introduced to and encouraged to use a range of mathematical language to support their understanding and to help them to discuss their own learning.

Mathematics at Key Stage One (5-7 years old)

We use a variety of work schemes so as to provide a detailed progression through each of the National Curriculum levels. Children are loaned a ‘Maths Bag’ containing maths puzzles and materials to use at home. In both Key Stage 1 and 2, Mental Arithmetic is a feature of each maths lesson.

A link  to some KS1 maths games you may find useful:

Mathematics at Key Stage Two (7–11 years old)

Mathematics is taught in a structured way following the Numeracy Strategy. We use a variety of published schemes, practical tasks, games and investigations to reinforce teaching points and to give the children an opportunity to consolidate new concepts and extend their thinking skills. Maths is regularly included in the homework timetable and we encourage the learning of multiplication tables. Children can still borrow a Maths bag in Year 3 if they wish.

A link to some KS2 maths games you may find useful: