Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and LIFE to everything” (Plato) 

At Potters Gate and St Andrew's, we develop children's aspiration to become passionate listeners, creators and performers of a diverse range music.  We encourage an appreciation of diverse, global musical genres and spiritual worship is a corner stone of our ethos including our Christian values of fellowship, justice, trust and resilience. 

We foster their technical understanding by utilising Surrey Arts practitioners to deliver brass, guitar and African drumming lessons in Key Stage Two as well as private tuition in piano, violin and guitar..  

We have dedicated time to listen to music and welcome visitors into school to inspire the children to access music for enjoyment, well-being and as a possible career path. Sparkyard gives the school community ownership of leading singing assemblies, class assemblies and develops fellowship and musicality within the community. 

Potters Gate, St Andrew's and our extra-curricular groups support events in the local community and give our children the chance to perform to an audience, within a purposeful context and increase their resilience. We offer opportunities to learn Taiko, steel pans, recorders, music ensemble, choir, and glockenspiel clubs. 

Our school curriculum 

We follow Surrey Art recommended scheme called Charanga. This is a music education and technology company which supports music learning and has the potential to help them grow up as kind, curious and open-minded young people who are sensitive and knowledgeable about music and the arts.  Charanga is taught across all key stages on a weekly basis. 

 Subject Curriculum Overview  

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