Books, books, books!

With World Book Day fresh in our minds, the children at Potters Gate are reading and reviewing like crazy! With high standards to uphold, staff inspire and encourage all children to take pleasure in reading knowing it increases their chances of success in all subjects. 

The latest SATs results at Potters Gate highlighted the immense steps that have been made over the past few years with an incredible 98% of children reaching the expected level in reading and an amazing 52% working at greater depth! This trend continued in all areas, including spelling, grammar, writing and maths.

Thanks to the school PTA (Friends of Potters Gate), children in KS2 are supplied with lovely books for their guided reading lessons which really help the children to be confident with their reading, vocabulary and speaking in front of their peers.

As well as the outstanding work by the teaching staff, the lucky pupils are regularly treated to visits by authors of books they are studying who really bring their books to life. Only last week, Maz Evans, author of the highly successful series of books about Greek Gods, (Who Let the Gods Out and more), visited the upper school and talked animatedly in assemblies and ran writing workshops and Q&A sessions.  She was so enthusiastic and sparked a huge buzz around the school.  Previous visits have included Lisa Thompson (Goldfish Boy) and coming soon is Emma Carroll (Letters from the Lighthouse).

Assistant Head and Year 6 teacher, Louise Daly, commented “It is so exhilarating to see the way the children respond to an author visit. It is like having a superstar at school!  The authors sign their books and truly inspire them to read more of their novels and to explore different genres.  Reading is one of life’s essential skills but we strive to foster a real love of books.”

Maz Evans