The Woodland Trust Green Tree School Award

We are happy to announce that the school has been awarded the Woodland Trust Green School Bronze Award. The whole school has contributed to this award by completing a number of challenges. This includes the planting of sixty trees by year 6, Reception's visit to Witley, recycling and energy saving initiatives led by the ECO Council and the whole school Travel Tracker initiative, encouraging us all not to take the car to school. We have nearly completed the silver award so look out for more good news  shortly.

 A Growing School

Did you know that over the last few months the whole school has been growing? Every class has it's own vegetable patch. There are also three gardening clubs for which parents and staff volunteer their time. Parents and staff pop in at the weekend to tidy up the gardens, where lots of fruit bushes are flourishing. Parents and children have been improving the Reception garden. We have also had support from DofE students. Sixty trees were planted with the help of year 6, parents, a  grandparent and a variety of other kind pupils. Across the school science experiments are germinating and observations made. Flower pots have been created and planted and some classroom look very much like jungles! Children are learning about where their food comes from, how plants grow and how to keep healthy by eating more fruit and vegetables. Of course, like children, plants need nurturing so everyone will continue to care for them ensuring an essential harvest.  

Year 6 planting trees

Year 6 planting trees

Bronze Award