World Book Day and Author Visit


 World Book Day 2018Author Visit March 2018


The children had a literary treat last week with a belated celebration of World Book Day and a visit from a leading children’s author.

 As a result of the snow, World Book Day (1st March) was rearranged to the delight of the children and an array of colourful costumes was seen around the school as pupils dressed up as their favourite book character and brought in the corresponding book to show and read.   The whole school took part in various reading activities during the day and the children watched an animation called “Partly Cloudy“ before writing their own email/story/poem based on the story they had seen.

The staff even joined in the fun by dressing up as characters from the Mr Men and Little Misses collection.


The lucky children in Year 6 were enthralled to be visited in the same week by children’s author Lisa Thompson. Since the pupils have just finished reading her first novel, Goldfish Boy, in class, this was particularly relevant and exciting for them. Lisa has just had her second novel, The Light Jar, published and many of the children (and staff!) brought in a copy of this book which she signed with an individual message for each person.

She spoke about her writing and what inspires her and the children asked lots of questions. Louise Daly, year 6 teacher and KS2 lead, who organised the visit said, “It was a complete joy to have Lisa visit the school. For the children to see the author of a book they have just read and to hear about her life and her writing was just so inspirational to them and brought the whole book to life. Lisa was such an approachable and lovely lady – she reinforced to them something which we as a school promote in our “Aim High” assemblies: that you can achieve anything you want to achieve in life and anything is possible.”