Here is the easiest way possible for you to raise funds for the school. You don't have to man a stall, participate in an event or even leave your sofa!

Easyfundraising is a website populated with over 2700 retailers, many that we all use day in day out, including the big supermarkets. Simply go to the website, click on ‘support a good cause’ and create your personal account (or use the link below for bonus funding). Make sure you click yes to the option of a donation reminder, It means that if you go into any participating company’s website a pop-up will appear to remind you that you could be earning money whilst you shop.

Even if each family simply used it for their weekly shop it would make a big difference to the Friends available funds. For example, if each family raised on average only £1 a week through their usual online shopping or online grocery shop, that’s £1.00/wk, times 52 weeks, times 300 families = £15,600 a year fundraised for the school


Can you imagine what could be achieved with these kinds of funds, and that’s without adding in money through other spending, Ebay, Amazon, Boots, Toys R Us — there are big donations available with high value purchases like electrical, banking & mobile phones too. If our PG families can use the site for Xmas shopping we could potentially raise a whole lot more so please do get involved :)

Join our group using the following link and when you’ve spent £10 via the site the school gets an additional £5!


Happy shopping!