School Starts at 8.50am and ends at 3.20pm  (Early Years 3.10pm)

However, the gates are unlocked at 8.40 am and we ask you to bring the children in to school from this time (junior children make their own way to the classroom). 

Children must be in class by 8.50am for registration.  If you arrive after 8.50am when the gates are locked, bring your child through the main office and sign them in on the screen by the front desk.


Playtime - 10.35 - 10.55


Early Years 11.45 - 12.00

KS1 12.00 - 13.00

KS2 12.20 - 13.20


Please make every effort NOT to be late for school. Teachers start the day with instructions on work to be done. It is important that all the children are present for this.

Please note the school will close at 13.30 on the last day of each term.