The value currently being considered as a whole school, in Collective Worship and in the general life of the school, is determination.



Our Values

 Our Christian values permeate the life of the school. As we go through the day the children and adults aim to live out these values, deepening their meaning and showing them in many practical ways.

 Our focus values form the basis for our daily Collective Worship.  Each week we spend time together as a school celebrating those children who have particularly shown these values in their attitude and behaviour at school.

 The values have been decided as a school community and reflect what is of importance to Potters Gate. This year the values that we are going to focus on are:








Although these values may be supported and shared by Christians and non-Christians alike, theological backgrounds and biblical references help to explore what is distinctively Christian about each value.

  Jesus said: “There is no other commandment greater

than these – you shall love the Lord your God with all

your heart… shall love your neighbour as yourself.” 

Mark 12 v30, 31

From this statement of Jesus our values arise and they all centre on
honouring God and in turn serving others.

 COLLABORATION God Himself is the perfect example of

collaboration —the three persons of the Trinity are bound together in the ultimate closeness which makes them one. I will always welcome, nurture and support those in our school community.

CONTENTMENT I gratefully

acknowledge and receive God’s gifts and am content with what

I have. I stand in awe of God’s handiwork in the world around

about us and will do all I can to take care of it.

HUMILITY Everybody is important.  I will not think I am better

than others.  It pleases me when others are praised.

DETERMINATION The special gift that we have when life is difficult or challenging that helps us not to give up.

 RESPECT Respect for God extends to respect for all creation, including all people, animals and our environment. I will show respect others, their belongings and their environment.

RESPONSIBILITY I am responsible for myself and my actions.  I take responsibility for my own behaviour and learning.

 COURAGE I will do what is right regardless of what my friends say

or do.  I will be courageous and face things I find difficult.

  WORSHIP I acknowledge and respect God as we gather daily

for worship.  Worship is central in the life of Potters Gate School.